Program Objectives
  • To support early career researchers, who have just completed(within the past two years) their PhD.
  • For the mentee to establish an independent research career. Assist the mentee in getting into the habit of carrying out research.
  • Publish the results of their research as a normal part of their academic life.
  • Motivate and support experienced scientists, who are not active researchers, to enable them to publish high quality papers in the leading international journals.
  • Over the five year project period, mentor 230 Malaysian scientists (year 1=10, year 2=25, year 3=50, year 4=70, year 5=75).
  • Each mentor/minute, to publish at least one, high quality, paper.
  • In total, publish at least 350 papers in high quality, high impact journals.
  • Organise a workshop each year. Everybody currently enrolled on the program (both mentors/mentees) at that time will be expected to attend.