Program Methodology

We want academics to aspire to be part of this program. Therefore, entry to the program will be competitive. We see the following as the major selection criteria and processes:

  • Both the mentor and the mentee must have a PhD.
  • The mentor must have a proven track record in publishing in high quality journals.
  • The mentee must be able to argue how they would benefit from being a part of the program.
  • We will hold an annual recruitment event, where mentors/mentees will attend. This event will introduce the scheme, outline the rules and regulations and will run a series of match making events to make introductions between mentees and mentors. We will aim for double the number of mentees and mentors to attend the event as we hope to recruit. That is, we will aim for a 50% success rate for those wishing to apply.
  • Following the recruitment event, we will invite proposals for potential mentor/mentee pairs. The deadline will be approximately one month after the recruitment event.
  • The proposal, for which a template will be developed, will need to cover areas such:
    • What qualifies the mentor to be part of the program?
    • Why should the mentee be on the program?
    • A brief project proposal.
    • How does the mentee/mentor pairing work,including meeting/secondment arrangements, frequency of meetings etc.
    • Where will the mentee be located, and for what periods of time.
    • How many papers will the project produce?
    • What are the target journals/outlets?
    • A timeline for the project.
    • What funds are being requested to support the project, with justification where necessary? We will also take into account whether the program represents value for money and would welcome a financial contribution from the menteeā€™s home institution.

The MyMentor Management Board will consider the applications, producing a ranking. The top n (where n is the number to be funded that year) will be funded, assuming that the project has crossed a threshold which says that the project is fundable.