Program Details

The proposed mentoring program would pair a mentor/mentee for a period of 24 months. The mentor would come from either Nottingham, Southampton or Monash (and perhaps more than one of these, if the research activity warranted this) and the mentee would come from one of Malaysia’s public universities.

The mentee would be expected to bring their own research ideas (which may have lay dormant for a while) and develop those ideas with the help and assistance of the mentor. Any papers that arise from this collaboration would be jointly authored and we would expect only high quality outlets to be targeted (i.e. ISI papers, especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects).

There are many ways in which the mentor/mentee arrangement could be arranged. At one extreme, the mentee would remain at their home institution for the duration of the mentoring program and would attend regular meetings with their mentor. The meetings would take place at a mutually convenient location, at mutually agreed frequencies. The frequency of the meetings would be part of the project proposal and would inform the selection process.

At the other extreme, the mentee would be based at the same institution as their mentor for the duration of the project. This will enable them to work more closely with their mentor but they would be away from the home institution and family. It is also potentially an expensive option as there may be travel and accommodation costs involved (e.g. if the mentor is based in KL and the mentee is not).

The program would welcome proposals following any available model . A possible middle ground in that the mentor/mentee are in institutions located close to one another (eg. Nottingham/UM, Monash/UKM or Southampton/UTM) that it is easy to make regular visits without incurring significant expences.

Due to the significant costs, we do not propose that this program funds travel, accommodation and subsistence for any seconded periods (i.e. staying away from home for three months, travelling home at weekends). We note that it is possible to spend significant time at another institution, assuming the institution is located close to the mentees home institution. We would also welcome support from the mentees home institution if they felt that the benefits justified the expense. However, the program will support the costs of regular meetings and the annual workshop. In the following sections, we provide more details about the proposed program.